Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oscar McCoskar On A Tractor

The Country Cat runs his tractor on biodiesel that he makes from duckweed that grows on his aquaponics to keep his fish in the shade. Oscar McCoskar will be the focus on my book about biodiversity, permaculture, buying local and sourcing alternative fuel and energy sources. I am hoping it proves a hit with modern families as I believe people need to switch their thinking to help keep things running along smoothly.

I hope to encourage children becoming interested in communities living off the grid, being sustainable and freeing themselves of the status quo that is the commodofied world. I don't believe this should just be a hippy eco relationship with community. But a normal ethical way of living that large companies can never interfere with.

This sort of thinking can be found about the place already for example.  The em(POWER) Energy Group are looking into ways to purify waste water while creating biofuel. - LINK

Then there is the community of Hepburn in Victoria Australia who erected their own wind turbine to power their homes LINK

I believe if this type of thinking became mainstream then the better off our future will become.

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