Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blog Cull

I found myself with just too many blogs. Lots of them never really went anywhere others were just  too messy and obsolete. So yesterday I deleted them and today I am starting this one to find a place for the images and stories I wanted to bunch together. The images here are illustrations done some time ago the first is a layout for a background. It was designed for a TV commercial that never found its legs. The scene is a Queensland country road where some kids were discussing who would do the paper run. The bush area was to be where the kids gathered and the long road is where the camera pans to follow the dust trail of the kid who gets the delivery job.

The next image is of two pages of a book I will one day finish. It is a scene where a farmer sets off to find a little pig that has gotten lost because of a strange smell. On one side the farmer enters the path from the left and the other you will see the pig silhouetted by the light at the end of the trail.

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