Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Studio

I generally work on my paintings in summer. Even though the glass atrium where my studio is gets good light most of the year. The concrete floor sucks any heat away quickly. I don't want to heat it by using electricity and such so spring and summer is when I can get in and be creative using my recycled plastics method. Lately I have produced a range of large format paintings of flowers some abstract some more impressionist. I can't get great detail with the plastic, So everything ends up looking Bonardesque. Winter is when I like to do the Oscar McCoskar Characters or my robot card designs. Oscar is the country cat character I have been working on. His adventures in sustainable living are a reflection of my own thoughts about how to deal with the pressing food and oil shortage. I have been thinking more and more about a book for children that covers these modern issues but in a positive way. Attacking the problems with real solutions.

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