Sunday, April 26, 2015

Planning Some New Works 2015

I have recently taken some interest in the Arizona desert. With its wonderful cacti and the colours of the rocks at sunset there. It has inspired me to start planning some new garden series images. I hope to start on these with the coming months.

Sick At Home And Sorting Old Images

I am sick with a tummy bug, as we call it around here. I am well enough to sit in front of my computer though only occasionally running to the bathroom. To pass the time I thought I'd go through a bunch of old images of this and that, to see if there was any that might inspire some new recycled plastic works. I found a hand full that are either sketches I gave to family or that are framed and on walls at home. As home is now a storage shed in New Plymouth, New Zealand, I am also now wanting more and more to settle somewhere to gather them to me and admire them for their memories and beauty.