Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Whimsical Robot Artworks

My daughter and her partner have been fixing up their house and I went to visit them a few weeks back. I had given Ushie - my daughter, a designers guide to interior design and she had been saying how she'd like some larger artworks on her wall as recommended in the book. The kitchen was especially bare of art and she suggested I think of what she might do to brighten it up. I was planning to travel to New Zealand in the coming fortnight and was not in the frame of mind to do or find artworks for her straight away. But after returning refreshed from a wonderful time in the Taranaki in New Zealand. I felt like rejoicing my wonderful trip. I had also been playing with some ideas about how to create large works on paper that reflected the shapes and designs I am getting from my "Bots in a Box" found and recycled object artworks. So these two artworks were the labour of the following weekend.

The other image here is of my daughter and her partners hopes and dreams of a farmhouse set high above a river in the country. They already farm bees so it's a good start and their little family at the moment consist of a dog and a cat.


  1. Nice works. Guess Ushie is very hapy with them. I do like the farmhouse one the most.