Sunday, March 13, 2016

Playing With A New Technique

This weekend I have been busy testing some new large artwork ideas. This image was made, or should I say is still being developed. From a very small image sketched from my imagination on a piece of scrap paper no bigger than a business card and then blown up at least 100 times. I have then transposed that image to a large composite paper and mixed media surface. So now I am slowly building up the image to create a colour work of an imaginary landscape.

What I want to achieve is the same simple style I am forced to create when making my images in recycled plastics. Like the two red silos image. I am also very much a fan of work by Shaun Tan and in this image attempting something similar. His haunting and moody use of light sets an almost wonderland existence in his artworks. Very much reminiscent of De Chirico's surrealist landscapes - another one of my favorite artists.

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