Friday, June 29, 2018

Dusk - Piko Road

I always wanted to find a frame for this painting but I have never wanted to pay a lot for it. I wanted a glowing frame one that suits the dusky glow that was there when I painted this little scene. Its funny how just today I found the perfect one. I was saying to my wife this morning I think from now on I will not be just grabbing any old frame from the thrift store. Instead I will be looking for standout frames, ones that suit the paintings I already have painted. We had some grocery shopping to do and decided to stroll down to the village shops. On our way there as usual we stopped off at three of the four opp shops in the main street. My wife went off to look for china for her photo-shoots and I retreated to the back of the shop to rummage through some of the frames I am sure I had seen the last time I was in this particular opportunity shop. I past some old couches and a desk and sitting on the floor behind them was this little gem. Immediately I knew the Piko Road painting had a home.

Here it is a real standout I think. Its now sitting in the lounge room being admired by all. It's definitely one for exhibiting later.

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