Friday, April 14, 2017

Illustrating with Blender3D

For a year now in Wellington, I have been drawing on the train in the mornings on my way to work. Recently I have had an idea that I should experiment and use 3D software in conjunction with hand illustrated textures to build interchangeable objects that can be used to create a multitude of images for illustrated works. I use Blender 3D for a lot of my animated commercial work and I thought why not build a library of illustration objects to use as textures on 3D objects. On the train I seem to have a regular following of observers who discretely look at what I am drawing. But with this current drawing trend I believe I am confusing my regular train viewers who are used to me drawing complete images. I now draw these types of images instead.

I have added these texture maps ( that's what they are called ) to a 3D model I roughly base on the images. I also draw trees and buckets and grass tufts to eventually add to the 3D scene. I render these out and the result is a sweet scene that is able to be staged and dressed differently each time.

The final render is looking good so far. I'll add more images as I go.

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