Monday, July 14, 2014

Birds In A Box And In The Bush

I have always loved having birds around me. I grew up with chickens and ducks. My father also used to keep birds in a huge aviary down the back of our house in N.S.W. But I never tried keeping them myself. I just never had the room. I delight in the sounds they make even the dull looking ones like crows and magpies. I started this work in honor of the magpies around Towoomba. Each evening we get the magpie telegraph sounding off as the sun goes down.

I am also experimenting with some cheap framing ideas. These box frames were a steal at a local sale. I am sealing the backs and filling them with pulp paper. Once the paper dries I will paint the surface in with my plastic gel. I started with this test piece of a correla a native parrot of Australia.

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