Tuesday, February 5, 2013

While The Studio Is In The Lockup

I miss my studio. I am currently living in temporary accommodation in New Plymouth. The rooms are small but cheap and though I am saving some money each month, I really need to find something bigger. I am kind of going stir crazy. Today was a holiday in NewP and I took the time to finish off a small painting on canvas. I started this a couple of weekends ago after walking the coastal walkway to the Rewarewa bridge. It is a beautifully engineered bridge whose brilliant white paintwork makes it stand out against the Taranaki landscape like a large whale skeleton. I love this walk. A friend Aturo Pelayo showed me the walk and the bridge a month back. Ever since that walk I have wanted to go back and paint several places on the way. The canvas is small but at least I am making art again.

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