Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One More Before I Move.

I am moving away from Wellington to New Plymouth in the Taranaki, land of the volcano. I have taken another job there and will be up rooting and its likely to be a few months before I set up another studio. So the plastics will get stored and my art and dreams of a book will also get stored. Before I head off though, I thought I'd post a couple of artworks I am planning. These are some sketchy almost complete images of some new plastic works I will do once my studio space is sorted out. I hope you like...
I am trying to capture the buzz of spring as plants pop into colour and the garden becomes alive again. Its wonderful to see the newness of another years burst of blooms even in the weeds around the house.

This abstract almost naive style has been inspired by some of my favorite artists. Colour specialists like Australian Ken Done who's use of colour as a language or a rhythm is very effective. This image "Another Sunday" sets a mood of lazy and content afternoons in the summer warmth.

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